In a world that pulls us in so many directions, important decisions face us everyday. Many of the decisions we make will probably not affect our lives to any great degree.

However, there is one very important decision that we as Christians must make in our life and that decision is to love and follow the person of Jesus Christ. It's a decision that comes with eternal promise in exchange for eternal commitment. You see, Jesus doesn't want part or our heart or even the majority of our heart; He wants ALL of our heart.

"ALL IN" Mission

God has an exciting plan for His people. However, the world we live in is full of mediocrity and complacency. As a result, most people miss the true call God has for their life. The "ALL IN" mission is God’s plan to call His people into a more personal relationship with him. In doing so, they are challenged to get out of the boat of mediocrity and live a life centered on Christ. Are you "ALL IN?"   "ALL IN" Mission

"ALL IN" Covenant

The "ALL IN" mission is supported by an "ALL IN" covenant. The "ALL IN" covenant is an agreement between man and God and represents each person's commitment to live a life centered on Christ. The Bible is full of examples of covenant relationship and how God used covenants to demonstrate His promise to His people. The "ALL IN" covenant is unique in that it is man's promise to God.

"ALL IN" Community

Community is important to God! As a part of the "ALL IN" mission, God wants to bring his people together for a common purpose. "ALL IN" Community is gathering people together who have turned from mediocrity and have committed to a life centered on Christ. In the end, "ALL IN" community is a collection of followers of Christ who have embraced the "ALL IN" mission and are in a covenant relationship with God.