HisClay Ministries Presents; “ALL IN”
The Call Since 2003, God has called the ministry to encourage and inspire men everywhere to be “ALL IN” for Jesus Christ. Today, the ministry continues the “ALL IN” Mission by reaching out to men everywhere.
The Vision Imagine an auditorium filled with men committed to Christ. Now, imagine an even bigger picture; men everywhere committed to being “ALL IN” for Jesus Christ.
“ALL IN” “ALL IN” is about bringing REVIVAL to the hearts of men AND creating a transformational movement that will not only shape the lives of men, but marriages, families and communities in a way that only God can do.
The Big Picture The “ALL IN” vision begins with men signing an “ALL IN” Covenant and becoming part of the “ALL IN” Mission. Once the covenant is signed, men are encouraged to connect with other men and meet on a regular basis to support and encourage one another in their spiritual growth.
How About YOU The “ALL IN” Mission is NOT a call for men to DO MORE, but instead to BE MORE; to be more committed, to be more faithful and to be more focused on God. It’s a personal call to men everywhere to become a part of the “ALL IN” Community and to join a revival movement that will bring about spiritual transformation to men everywhere. Are YOU “ALL IN?”