Do you desire to draw closer to God? Do you sense a bigger purpose for your life? If so, then the PATH is for you! The PATH is a curriculum specifically created to reveal God�s plans for you. Discovering God's calling for your life is the key to intentional living. Understanding God�s calling for your life gives focus and meaning to who you are. Knowing that God has a distinct plan for each of us makes us feel unique and special in His eyes. As we learn more about these plans, we begin to sense purpose in our faith walk and direction in our growth as Christians. The key to achieving this is to seek out the specific plans God has for you? So how do you do this? It�s simple, ask God.

HisClay Ministries has an excellent resource to assist you in your quest to learn more about God�s plan for your life. The PATH is a God-inspired, spirit lead journey created specifically to seek out God�s calling for your life. PATH is an acronym which stands for;

Purpose What is God's plan for me?
Action Plan How can I live out God's plan?
Tracking How am I growing in my faith?
Harvest What will the blessings be?

The PATH curriculum is intended to be used in a small group setting and the principles of the curriculum set forth a clear track to learn more about God and the wonderful plans he has for your life. Along with the PATH curriculum is a PATH Facilitator Guide and CD to help navigate your small group through the journey, as well as a PATH Journal designed to help track your spiritual growth. As a result of your PATH experience, you will discover new meaning for your life and a closer, more personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It�s an exciting journey, are you ready to begin?

PATH Curriculum
"Discovering God's Roadmap for Your Life"
Small group based curriculum created to discover God's purpose for your life
"Discovering God's Roadmap for Your Marriage"
Small group based curriculum created to discover God's purpose for your marriage
"Discovering God's Roadmap for Your Family"
Small group based curriculum created to discover God's purpose for your family
"Discovering God's Roadmap for Your Small Group"
Small group based curriculum created to transform your small group into a small church
"My PATH Journal"
An exciting and powerful 30 day journaling experience. This tool is an important part of the PATH experience and recommend with each curriculum request.

James 4:8 tells us; draw close to God and God will draw close to you. Discovering God's purpose for your life will not only give new meaning to who you are, but will provide new focus and an everlasting joy in your life.