"On The Wheel"
A Newsletter from HisClay Ministries

"Wait and See"

Life is in constant motion; days and weeks seemingly pass us by.  In the blink of an eye, we are looking back on our lives wondering where the time has gone.

Ever uttered the words "wait and see"?  It's a peculiar phrase, but one that has been passed on through the generations.  In fact, I remember many a time when I would ask questions as a child and a common response from my parents would be; "let's wait and see."  It's hard to wait, especially when you're a child.  In fact, waiting never really gets easy, even as we grow in age.  Our society today certainly does not promote a "wait and see" attitude, as everything we read and hear about in the media tells us "not to delay" and to "act now!"  It's all about movement, a constant flow in life that the world calls us to and it’s through all of this action that we soon find life quickly passing us by.

If only we took more time in life to "wait and see."  In doing so, we would be required to respond in a way unfamiliar to the world.  Unfortunately for many, the only time we ever find time to wait on anything is when we are in lines or stuck in traffic, even then many of us find it hard to slow our day.  And then there's events that take place in life that seemingly stop life right in its tracks, situations we have no control over, such as an unplanned surgery, an accident, a life threatening disease....times in life when we can simply can do nothing else but "wait and see."

Ever hear God's voice?  I've heard it the loudest in my life when I HAD to "wait and see."  When crisis hits, He has our attention.  When tragedy occurs, He has our ear.  And when fear paralyzes us, He has our heart.  When life stops moving in a way WE planned and unforeseen events stop us in our tracks, we soon hear God's voice in a time when we HAVE no other choice but to listen and "wait and see."

God wants to speak to us right now, He wants to give us instruction and purpose for our lives.  However, in our passion to move forward and to "act now" in life, too often we have little time to "wait and see" what God wants truly wants to do in our lives?  How about you?  Have you ever waited on the Lord?  Ever waited on a decision that you had to make or did you just simply go ahead and make it?  Or perhaps you have waited for a sign from God, but things dragged out a bit so you decided to move on anyway?  Often times in life, we miss God's voice and we miss out on His plan when we don't take the time to slow down long enough to "wait and see."  It requires time, it requires patience, but more than anything else, it requires FAITH; faith that God is always there, faith that He has a great plan for our lives and faith that we WILL be blessed when we are willing to "wait and see."

In your haste to “make it all happen” in life, don't wait until tragedy or unforeseen circumstances find you in a place where you can do nothing else but "wait and see."  Take time now to pull back on the accelerator a bit and slow down long enough to "wait and see" what God has planned for you in the events of today.  When we quiet our lives, we will hear His voice and we will discover a whole new way to live out our lives.  And once we do this, it's simply a matter of faith to go forward and live out all that God puts on our heart.  Life is a wonderful journey and it gets even better with God in charge!

"Wait and See"......not bad advice in a world that moves a little faster than it probably should.

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