"ALL IN" Devotional

Yes or No?
Just say a simple, "Yes I will" or "No I won't."  Your word is enough.
Matthew 5:37
Contracts.  Signed agreements.  Notarized statements.  I wonder what it was like in the day when there was no paperwork, no dotted line to sign...how did people actually commit to something?  It's as simple as this, they shook hands and gave their word.
It seems these days your word is nice, but alone is not enough.  Enough for what, you might ask?  Well, frankly speaking, certainly not enough to get a "deal" done.  In a world swimming in paperwork and signed agreements, nothing is ever done until the paperwork is complete.  Buying a home, car, boat, stocks, school loans...it doesn't matter, nothing gets done without the dreaded signature on the dotted line.  Ahhh, wouldn't it be nice to walk into the local car dealership, spend a little time selecting a car, shake hands with the sales person and then simply promise to begin making payments in the next couple weeks? Sound too good to be true?  You bet!
So what's your word worth in a day where paper and signed agreements are king?  Why does the value of your word even matter any more when everything seems to be outlined in black and white.  Well, it matters because our word is a reflection of the commitment in our heart.  Our spoken word becomes the hinge with respect to everything we stand for, for everything we believe in.  When our positive actions match our God inspired words, we are seen in the bright light of integrity, honor and respect.  Let your actions stray and be different from your words and you quickly lose the faith and respect of those around you.  You see, our words are like the headlines to our lives......a "preview" of what is to come forth in our lives by virtue of simply what we say. 
Your character in life is built upon the foundation of your words.  Highly regarded people are those who se actions actually reflect their words.  It's a novel idea, but one that brings forth incredible blessings when we honor God by living our lives in accordance to what we say and do.  The spoken word is a powerful means that God has given us.  It exceeds any contract, is more powerful than a loan agreement and surpasses any written document available to man.  When your word is reflected in all you do, your life simply becomes a daily devotion to God....speaking forth His truths and living them out in your life.  I heard a wise man once say, "I can't hear what you are saying because your actions are screaming louder than your words."  Words without appropriate action are empty and useless, words with purpose and direction are life changing and truly honor God.
A handshake and the spoken word have long been a gesture of commitment and devotion in our world and when done in good faith, it symbolizes an agreement that requires no signature and no date on a dotted line.  My friend, it's as simple as YES or NO.
"ALL IN" Thought for the Week
Let your YES be YES and your NO be NO!
"ALL IN" Action Items for the Week;
1.  Do your actions match your words?
2.  Do you always do what you say you are going to do? 
3.  Has your integrity or credibility been impacted by a lack of follow through on your words?
4.  How have your words lead others to believe in and trust in you more?  Share some examples.
5.  What did you learn through this devotional?
"ALL IN" Prayer
Dear God, guide my actions to match my words.  Lead my words to be full of your truth and full of actions that honor you.   Thank you Lord that I can honor you by simply living out the good and positive things I say each day.  In Jesus name I pray.  Amen.

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